General Mill Supply specializes in managing industrial scrap across the United States and Canada. Whether you are a manufacturer, municipality, a scrap dealer or consumer, GMS will manage your scrap with precision, efficiency, and stability. With over 96 years of experience, we have the the ability to fine tune your scrap/ waste streams and provide a positive source of revenue, with the most cost-effective method. Let us prove ourselves; in turn supplying a one-stop-shop to recycling and land-fill diversion.

Should the scrap generation volume justify a trailer on-site, GMS is Equipped with a fleet of over 70 trailers, enabling GMS to provide multiple pick-ups from one location, same day. We have a 48 hour guarantee on trailer switches after receiving notification from supplier. Trailers are inspected and maintained internally with our in-house-mainteance and DOT certified technicians.
Accommodating scrap in the most cost-effective and easy manner is best executed when suppled with adeuqate triple walled boxes and sound structured pallets. Providing uniform, clean gaylords and useable pallets helps achieve optimal handling, free of charge. We also have a resale program where these items are available for purchase.
We provide various size containers allowing ease/minimal handling. Whether it’s a small tote for office paper, a small dumping hopper for metal, or a compactor for cardboard, we can source your facility the appropriate units for material handling.

We understand the importance of destroying your documents in a secure and proper manner. Photos/receipts/certified documents of destruction available on request. GMS invites you to view your documents being destroyed on site at our facility.  GMS is NOT a certified document destruction company.  Your waste will be destroyed, and recycled, that we will promise.

Modern, advanced technology combined with skilled technicians provide seamless quality performance in our day-to-day operation; in turn allowing GMS to deliver superior material to end users. Our database is maintained with customer specifications to match up with new incoming streams of materials. General Mill Supply is available for hire to perform quality testing on all materials.

  • HLMI (Melt Flow Analysis)
  • Infrared Spectroscopy (IR Analysis)
  • Ash Content
  • Density
Closed loop processing program. GMS can process your plastics in a seamless and timely manner, starting when it leaves your dock. Our facility is equipped with 2 pre-shred lines; Retech/Vecoplan (3″ screen) and Weima (4″ screen) allow for optimal feed into our granulation process. We are set-up to clean/sort if necessary, prior to processing, as well as color segregation. **3/8, 1/2″ (standard), 5/8″ screen sizes available for granulation

Need Equipment, but not  sure what you need, or how to pay for it?   General Mill Supply has decades of experience in identifying the right machinery for any recycling application.  Our staff will find the most cost-effective solution for your needs.  GMS is able to manage the delivery, installation, and operating demonstration of  the equipment.  We offer several creative financing options as well.  Our in-house mechanics allow GMS the ability to assist in maintaining  your machinery, after installation.

Save hundreds of dollars by sourcing GMS your damaged bins for repair versus replacement. Every bin is repaired and returned to full service condition using parts from their own containers we have in inventory. Every bin that is not repairable, or part that is not able to be reused, is credited back at scrap value, providing a closed loop program.

GMS serves as a one-stop-shop for plastic, paper and metal scrap / waste.  There is no need to have separate outlets for each commodity.  You will receive competitive prices from us for all of them.  We will pick-up your recyclables, or you may deliver them to us.  A detailed receiving report listing the grade and weight of each item on every load will be provided.   Plastic parts, purge,  pallets, shrink/ stretch film, banding, bins/ totes, regrind and dunnage, printer’s waste, office paper waste, magazines,  cardboard, metal, etc. We will take it all!

Need your material shipped in a dry bulk tanker or transferred from dry bulk loader to gaylord boxes? We have the technology to perform these services in a timely manner, 24/7/365. Please Contact Us for more details.


Material waste directly affects the bottom line – net income. Organizations across the country are saving millions of dollars by reducing waste. For any business or organization, managing solid waste is a problem. Recyclable materials are now utilized by companies that manufacture everything from newsprint, boxboard, corrugated and printing paper to paint additives, asphalt fillers, plastic lumber, containers, carpet padding and automotive parts. An important factor of waste reduction programs is the environmental impact. Less solid waste means fewer landfills and a cleaner environment. The fact is, many companies that pay to have recyclable material hauled away are potentially missing a great opportunity because a majority of the material may have inherent value. At the very least a recycling program acts as a cost reduction. Under favorable market conditions it can produce a significant positive cash flow.

The relationships that General Mill Supply has built over the years with our clients provides us with solid and reliable sources for all types of paper,plastic, and metal recycling. In turn, customers get exactly what they need. We have a comprehensive method to evaluate your needs and target our services to where they are most effective.