Transform your recyclables into a returnable investment

At General Mill Supply, we specialize in designing turn-key recycling programs that help convert your scrap paper, plastic and metals into a source of revenue.

Bulk Paper & Plastic Recycling


General Mill buys a number of different plastic, paper & metal materials. Learn more by clicking below:



General Mill sells recycled paper and plastic in various forms. To learn more, click on one of the following links:



Looking to see what we materials we currently have on hand? Click the the link below to view our current inventory of paper, plastic, and metal recycleables on sale.

General Mill Supply’s Services

  • Customized Recycling Programs

    Analyze, design, and implement turn-key recycling program to handle all scrap materials being generated in most efficient and effective way.

  • Gaylord Boxes and Pallet Sourcing

    Provided for recycling programs to help handle materials being generated or for purchase by the unit.

  • Bulk Loading/Transfer

    Ship your materials in dry bulk tankers or transfer from a dry bulk loader to gaylord boxes.

  • Prompt Pick-up

    Provided pick-up of scrap materials within 48 hours guaranteed.

  • Custom Toll Grinding

    Size reduction and color segregation.

  • Roll Off Containers

    Whether it’s a small tote for office paper, a small dumping hopper for metal, or a compactor for cardboard, we can source your facility the appropriate units for material handling.

  • Equipment Leasing/Sourcing

    Downstroke balers, compactors, granulators, strapping choppers, etc. all can be installed by our certified machinery handling partner. Machines maintained by GMS.

  • Size Reduction

    Shredding (4”) and Granulation : 3/8”, 7/16” , ½” (standard)

  • Detailed unloading reports

    Certified scale on multiple hi-lo’s to ensure proper grading. Each Gaylord of material weighed individually.

  • Knockdown Bin Refurbishing Program

    Repair and/or replace broken doors and handles to optimal working condition for any size/brand bin.

  • On-site Trailer Drops

    Provide trailer at your facility to help utilize your floor space and handling. When trailer is full, we switch it out with an empty in a timely manner.

  • Facility Cleanups/Closeouts

    End of year clean-up or plant closing? General Mill has a proven track record of helping remove a variety of recyclables from facilities during end of year clean-ups or plant closings providing rebates to companies in several cases.

Businesses, big and small, trust GMS with their recycling

From fortune 500 companies to small businesses, we can serve your recycling needs.

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General Mill Supply Co. can offer you

Many companies that pay to have recyclable waste hauled away are missing a great opportunity to actually increase their own net income and become an active participant in reducing the negative impact of waster on our environment. General Mill Supply recovers and reprocesses paper, plastic, and metal waste products into raw material form that can be used by plastic molders and paper mills to manufacture products. Our goal is to be able to find the market for your recyclable waste while generating revenue for your business, which in turn reduces landfill volumes, reduces cost and improves the environment.

General Mill Supply Co. handles all of our recycling needs. They were extremely helpful in setting up our recycling program and supplying us with various types of containers. They are very reliable and extremely easy to work with.
Ron Stritzinger, Korex